Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall frost

It may seem early, or it could be that our summer was so hot we're just not ready for the first fall frost or freeze. But actually, we are very close to the time when much of Kansas should experience lows in the 30s, resulting in some frost. Of course, northern parts of Kansas, on average, would see the frost first, with southern Kansas being the last areas of the state to see sub freezing temperatures. But this year has been anything but average. You'll see the map I've posted shows the average first fall frost for the state, and a few areas have already reported lows in the 30-35 degree range.

I enjoy these cooler nights and sleeping with the windows open. But anyone that suffers from allergies probably finds it hard to open the windows just yet. There is still a bunch of junk floating around in the air that is bothering a lot of people, and in order to help get rid of it, we really need temperatures to drop into the upper 20s. That won't happen for several more weeks, but the overall weather pattern the week of October 17-21st should support cooler than average temperatures and the chance for some frost in the near future.

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