Monday, January 14, 2013

Weird winter for some

It was hard to believe when I read about it, but much of Kansas has received more snow than Chicago to this point in the winter. Wichita has recorded 3.2 inches of snow for the season, with 5.5 inches in Salina, and Dodge City has had about 7. Chicago, through January 15th, has only received 1.3" of snow, and it didn't all come on the same day.

So not only is it unusual, but it is breaking records. In a city that averages between 35 and 40 inches in a winter season, it's very unusual to be this late in winter and still be waiting on the first one inch to fall in a 24 hour time period (from midnight to midnight). This will likely break the record for the latest date for the first one inch of snow to fall ever. If it doesn't happen by January 17th, this will be latest they have ever had to wait for an inch of accumulation to happen on any given calendar day. Amazing, don't you think. The first one inch of snow fell on December 20th in Wichita (nothing unusual about it)
This chart was updated through Jan. 13th showing the top 5 stretches without one inch of snow for a 24 hr time period for Chicago.

Chicago is also setting records with a lack of cold. The first day this winter with a subfreezing high was January 1st, which ties for the latest date without a subfreezing high temperature in winter. Wichita had its first subfreezing high temperature on December 24th.
This chart shows the top 5 latest dates for Chicago to not have had a subfreezing high temperature.

Here in Kansas, this will be a rather chilly week. Bitter cold from the polar regions will slide across much of the eastern US. We will be on the edge of it in Kansas, so typical late January weather is expected. The type of pattern we will see this week continues to be dry. Our next possible storm could be showing up around January 30 or 31st. Stay tuned.

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