Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finally, Rain!!

After patiently waiting and waiting, it finally rained in Kansas. The west didn't get as much as the central or eastern parts of the state, but we have to be thankful for what we did get. It has been so dry, and I'm sure firefighters were tired of chasing after grass fire after grass fire. In some areas, the average November rainfall was doubled with just one storm system. Quite amazing for November.

Next week our weather will be staying active, with a couple of strong cold fronts coming through our area. The pattern is not one to bring much moisture to our area, but temperatures will be changing almost every other day.

There are signs the weather will stay active into the week of Thanksgiving, and a stronger system could be impacting holiday travel. So stay tuned. We have our Holiday Travel Hotline coming up on Monday, November 22nd, so you'll be able to call in and check the forecast.

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Anonymous said...

We were very blessed with over 3 inches of rain in our part of central Kansas. So grateful!!

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