Monday, April 24, 2017

Stormy pattern reloads over central US

It's what some of us don't need - more rain. And if you read the blog last Friday, we briefly touched on what could be a stormy (severe weather) setup coming later this week. Late April though May is typically the busiest time in Kansas for severe storms, although as we know, they can happen at any time.

As of this writing, there have been a total of 16 tornado reports, 131 hail reports, and 83 for wind. The season is still very early - last year there were 99 tornado reports, 569 hail, and 539 for wind.
First Storm to Watch:
This is coming through Tuesday evening - early Wednesday: No severe weather expected
A cold front will push on through Kansas and drop the temperatures rather significantly. It brings with it a chance for scattered rain showers, but nothing heavy expected and no flooding potential. Amounts should mainly be under .50"

Storm Setup Late in the Week:
We are starting to see some alignment in the computer models suggesting that strong - severe storms will be back in the Plains late in the week. Areas from Oklahoma to Missouri, to Arkansas look to have the highest chances for severe storms, but almost all of us are going to see more rain by the weekend. 

Stick with us through the week as the forecast comes into better focus. The weather pattern still looks very active into early May, and even if we dodge the severe weather, flooding could still be a big problem for our area. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

New weather station, meteors, & severe storms

A project that has been in the works for a VERY long time has finally reached completion. I was approached over a year ago about helping install a weather station for Via-Christi's Georgetown senior living facility. There were some obstacles that we thought might get in the way early on, but as it turns out, we found a way. With the help of some dedicated individuals, residents at Georgetown will now be able to watch (in real-time) rainfall reports, wind gusts, check the temperature, and see what the wind gusts are during a storm.

The weather is always a topic of discussion, and even those that aren't particularly interested in knowing the current conditions, seemed excited that they could now get live weather reports anytime they wanted. To help celebrate the kickoff, Millie and I will be giving a weather presentation today (Friday) to the residents there. I hope they enjoy the new weather station and many days and years to come of watching Kansas weather with us.

There is a meteor shower taking place this weekend. It's the Lyrid meteor shower, but viewing will be less than ideal because of the clouds and rain. But if... and it's a big if... there should be some breaks in the clouds where you live early Saturday (which might include some of western Kansas), you can look to the northeast for the meteors. There could be 10-20 per hour with ideal viewing conditions (that being clear skies and moonless skies). This isn't one of the better meteor showers, but they can be entertaining if the weather cooperates.

Potential Severe Weather Setup:
We have more storms in the forecast later next week. The setup is a bit more difficult to try and pin down the timing of the rain, but it's looking more favorable toward the end of the week. It's a setup that could include severe weather as well. One feature that stands out to me is the strong winds coming into the Plains in the Thursday time frame. There are other factors as well, but it's a time period we will update you on as we get closer in time.

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rainfall amounts - more coming

Many of you reach out to us for rainfall amounts around the area and they can be hard to find on the internet. So here's a list of what has come in this morning (as of 7 a.m.):

Pratt - 1.67"
Marquette - 1.50"
Kingman - 1.30"
Wichita - 1.22"
Concordia - 0.97"
13th & Greenwich - 0.93"
Newton - 0.78"
Hutch - 0.61"
Salina - 0.37"
Goodland - 0.10"
Great Bend - 0.09"
Winfield - 0.05"
Medicine Lodge - 0.01"

Next round on the way for Friday! A flood watch cover south central and southeast Kansas where the majority of the rain will be. PLEASE avoid flooded areas. I know it's tempting to take the chance, but roads get washed out and it's never worth the risk. Forecast models give much of central and south central Kansas another inch of rain tomorrow. Southeast Kansas is going to get even more, with over 2 expected there. I expect northwest Kansas will get up to .50", which is good news because some of the recent rains have missed that part of the state.

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