Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer storms return - 4th of July forecast

I'm back in the weather center this week after spending last week in KC at the AMS (American Meteorological Society) Broadcast Conference. It's an opportunity to learn more about the latest advances in technology as well as hear from colleagues on how they cover weather events in their TV markets. Meteorologists come from all over the US and Canada.

We have just wrapped up an unbelievable weekend of weather in Kansas. Highs in the 70s and 80s feels so out-of-place for late June, but it may not be the last of it. Even though we warm it up today, cooler weather may return later this week.

Storm chances today:
There will be a few isolated storms over central and northern Kansas later today. Timing will be after 2/3 p.m. and any storms should fade by 8 p.m. tonight. Severe chances remain low.

Storm chances tomorrow:
Another weather feature will be coming through Tuesday night, and chances for storms will setup across the northern 1/2 of Kansas. Timing here will be late into the night, and a few storms could be severe.

More storms are on the way Thursday, which we will focus on in the blog tomorrow.

Early 4th prediction:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Major heat in the South - big changes for KS

Thanks for stopping by the blog and welcome to summer - well, almost. It begins at 11:24 p.m. local time tonight (Tuesday night) and as many of you know, these are our longest days. We have just under 15 hours of daylight.

A major, record setting heat wave is gripping the Southwest right now and it's not likely to end any time soon. We all know it gets hot in Phoenix this time of year, but this latest wave is making history. It was already above 100 degrees yesterday by 10 a.m. and reached 118° by the end of the day! I'm guessing even if you like hot weather, that's just too much. But I know some absolutely love it.

We are not likely to see a big heat wave anytime soon. In fact, it's going to be quite the opposite around here. Much cooler weather will likely return at the end of the week. For some of you, the cooler weather may get here as early as Friday. And I think our best chance for storms will arrive with the cold front coming Friday evening.

It's starting to get active in the tropics. We could be looking at a landfall of Cindy by midweek (likely with tropical storm force winds of 40-50 mph), and then Bret is back to the southeast, but it's likely to weaken later in the week and not be much of a problem.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Another chance for storms Friday

Good Friday morning and hopefully you don't have too much cleanup to do in the wake of last nights storms. Just incredible to see so many storm reports across central and southern Kansas. Storms fired up right on schedule and produced tennis ball size hail near Hays. That was the largest hail report. And the strongest wind report was measured 84 mph winds in Colwich.

Scattered storms may develop in the same areas. The overall threat doesn't look as impressive as it did yesterday, but some storms will produce some hail and strong wind gusts over 60 mph. It looks like storms will fire up in the same areas (around Hays/Russell) and then move to the southeast. For Salina and Great Bend, storms will arrive around 5/6 p.m., and closer to 7/8 p.m. for Hutch & Wichita areas.

Still looks like a few more storms are possible Saturday evening as our cold front blows on through. But WOW! Sundays forecast for Father's Day looks awesome. Highs in the 80s with low humidity. Bring it on!

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