Monday, August 1, 2011

I Survived

I spent my Saturday in Kansas City running a 5K race called the Warrior Dash. I didn't know anything about it until March when a friend of mine suggested I sign up and give it a shot. They have a video posted online at that shows potential racers what to expect, and my first impression was it looked like boot camp, or maybe a Survivor challenge for immunity.

This race has 12 obstacles and I'm not sure if their intention is to get you to feel like a warrior, or just to get you really really dirty. But the organizers of the race did a good job of making sure nobody came out of the race clean. Just about everyone I saw was muddy from head to toe. Some of the obstacles included running through knee deep water, climbing walls, climbing over a stack of hay bales nearly 25 feet tall, and at the end, you had to cross two rows of fire and swim through a mud pit. I was so sweaty at the end that the mud pit felt great (almost wanted to root around in it like a pig).

I'm posting pictures from before and after. Fortunately, I had some great warriors to participate with, and it wasn't 115 degrees like I was afraid it might be earlier in the week.


Roger said...

Too bad there had to be a death of 28 year old Jeremy Morris.

Anonymous said...

We have really been missing Millie on the newscast. It was good to see her back last night.

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