Sunday, June 17, 2007

Signs of the Season

I know the wheat crop this year is less than desireable in many places, but as I drive back and forth from work, I notice the area fields are turning more and more yellow so harvest is very close. There is another sign that harvest time is almost here and it is the lightning bugs that are showing up in the area. We would entertain ourselves in the harvest field by trying to catch them while we waited for a load of wheat to take into the elevator.

Growing up as kids, we enjoyed the wheat harvest because it was a chance to pack our lunch and eat in the field, make trips to the elevator, and of course, ride in the combine. The adults looked at harvest as more of a headache because there was always some sort of mechanical breakdown and of course, you were racing against Mother Nature's impending round of golf, which usually wiped out one of the best crops in years.

Memories were made with cousins and close friends at harvest time and I've attached a few pictures from those days. Yes, a few years have passed since these pictures were taken and the style of sunglasses has changed too, I think. I hope my brother, sister, and cousins aren't upset when they see these great photos on the world wide web.


s*emma said...

What was your favorite job in the harvest field? I know this year a lot of our area farmers are not looking foward to this years' crop. The grain is looking in short supply and what is there is poor quality. Crews should be in full force in the next 7-10 days. What do you think the forecast will be like for those trying to get their small crops to the COOP?

Anonymous said...

Even though harvest brings stress, many headaches and long days it's still fun. Being a farm wife, I enjoy taking hot meals to the field for the crew. I also have great memories of helping out the neighbors in the field. It makes for a fun time especially if you take an evening to celebrate after it's all done. Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Ross. I'm a farm kid who goes back every year to help cut wheat. I wouldn't miss it for the world. There's great memories. Just one question, are you the one sporting what I would call) the pilot sunglasses??

sd said...

Hi Ross -- I agree that harvest time made some of the best memories for me and my sister growing up on a farm. We loved going out with Grandma to take lunches to Dad and Grandpa, getting rides in the combine, even getting to drive a little, sitting in the wheat truck with Grandpa waiting until it was time for Dad to dump the grain, and we'd climb in back and let it fill up around us...thanks for sharing.

Ross Janssen said...

I can honestly say those pilot looking sunglasses belong to my brother. It must be a feeling of Tom Cruise when puts them on. Last time I checked, he was still wearing them!!

Mr. Bill said...

I loved harvest when I was younger. Riding in the combine was the absolute best!

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