Monday, June 4, 2007

A Soggy Month

I was hoping to have this posted days ago, but we finally have the official rainfall amounts from the month of May. Some areas picked up about 6 months worth of rain in just 31 days, which is why we've had the flooding problems.

Here is a short list of May rainfall amounts for selected cities in Kansas.

Salina: 15.96"
Hutch: 13.70"
Winfield: 5.91"
Russell: 5.74"
Wichita: 4.11"
Dodge City: 2.35"

The surprising numbers are those from central Kansas. It's no wonder there was so much flooding in the Salina and Hutch areas during the month. Salina's average yearly rainfall is just over 32 inches and Hutch typically sees about 30 inches of rain in a calendar year.

It would be nice to space our rainfall out over the next 3 months so we don't burn up in the summertime heat. We will see how things pan out for us. Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

What is the summer going to turn out like? Is all the rain going to make our summer miserable and humid, or are things going to dry up & get crusty?

Ross Janssen said...

The weather pattern is changing now that we are the month of June. I don't think the recent rainfall will make things miserable this summer. In fact, we will be grateful for the moisture if the temperatures continue to climb at the rate they've been going this week. Hot and drier weather is in the future, just hopfully not too much of one or the other.

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