Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Wintry Weather Coming

I am enjoying a few extra days away from work, but I am still watching the developments of this prolonged winter storm. Take a look at the image attached. This is one of our computer models showing the storm dropping deep into the Southwest and staying there until Wednesday of next week. What is going on here?

This huge upper low pressure system is drawing in Pacific moisture that is running into cold air down near the ground. This is an ideal set up for sleet and freezing rain, so traveling across the area the next several days could be dangerous. Some of the heaviest precipitation may come Sunday into early Tuesday, some of which may be snow in the western part of Kansas, while southcentral and eastern Kansas may end up with ice. Send me an email, if you have questions about the storm. Even while away from work, I'll still try and answer whatever you throw my way. Travel safely the next several days.

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Anonymous said...

You enjoy your time off. Hope everyone drives safely too.

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