Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pictures Tell the Story

The pictures have been coming in from the latest ice storm and they are worth a 1,000 words. They are a reminder of how bad winter storms in the central Plains can be, and for those that went through the January 2005 ice storm, it is a reminder of the nightmare we had almost 3 years ago.

Going from left to right, the first picture is from Great Bend, Hutchinson, Logan, Stafford, and finally, Salina. Thanks to everyone for sending in pictures of the ice. Above freezing temperatures are expected for Thursday, so let the melting begin. We do have another storm coming Friday, but this one will not have ice, but maybe some light snow for the area. Details will be coming in another blog entry.


ShellBell said...

As I was driving to WalMart yesterday, I passed by a field of ice-covered trees (and wished I had my camera with me). Since we missed out on the brunt of the storm, I was able to appreciate the beauty. Now had those ice-coverd trees caused a power outage or other damage, I don't know that beauty would have been the first word that came to mind.
Thanks for keeping us informed throughout the storm. Now I think you deserve some time off.

Jan said...

You have had a busy week Ross! Do we still get to see you this weekend since you are working all week?

Anonymous said...

Yes in all the devestation there is a beauty that you can't describe. We are one of the many still without power and toughing it out, but on Thursday coming to work it looked like the world was encased in glass. I know that we have another storm coming but I am always so proud how well we as midwestern people pull together to help each other. I pray for the linemen every night for what they go through in these times of need. They deserve all the over time they get.
I thank the weather team for all you do to keep us posted. You guys do an awesome job.

Mack said...

Hey Ross, You should take it easy with working all these hours. Don't need you sick. Plus, if you ever lose electricity, you can come over to my house. You can bring Millie. She can play with my two dogs. Have a great weekend, and don’t work to hard.

Anonymous said...

I was so amazed at power and beauty of the ice storm. I live in Hutch and got blasted hard. We had limbs all over the yard and street, we also had no power or heat for four days, and even better yet (one of the pictures you posted made me think back to this) a tree fell on my car! Fortunatly, it was not harmed, no windows out, no dents. That was really lucky. It looks like the car in the picture wasn't so lucky...they lost a few windows it appears...But, thank you all you guys at the KWCH 12 Weather Lab for doing your job so well. What would we do without meteorologists?

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