Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Snowstorm

What an amazing snow event for Kansas. Some of the worst snowstorms occur in March and this turned out to be one for the record books. There were several areas in central Kansas that had over 20 inches of snow and with the wind, snow drifts were even more impressive. The storm had an ideal track for us to get heavy snow (obviously), but one reason why we get the heavier snows at this time of the year is because the atmosphere has the spring moisture content that we sometimes see with severe weather setups. Remember, warmer air holds more moisture, so with the temperatures hovering around 32, for every one inch of liquid moisture, we get 10 inches of snow. I know that most of us would've rather had rain and no snow, but at least we have some kind of moisture soaking into the ground. It will be great for the winter wheat crop for sure. Look for a slow warm up the next few days as we melt away this snow cover. Aside from the dangerous travel and the many headaches that come with winter weather, it can be very beautiful.


Ty said...

WOW, what a weather rollercoaster...80's one week, then record snow fall over the weekend, then blistery winds, I know Kansas is known for a active weather pattern but this is a little EXTREME even for us!

The new HD Weather Graphics look AWESOME! Great Job Ross and the KWCH Team! Keep up the great work! So any upcoming contests Ross??

Anonymous said...

Thew new graphics look great. I am glad I found your blog to see the pic of Millie.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ross,
The graphics are looking great!

Is it just me or is there still not an easy link to the blogs? Someone said it was under extras, but I haven't been able to find it. Is it just me?!

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