Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bizzare August Weather

I have to admit, I'm loving this weather. Cool nights and warm afternoons. It has many of us thinking ahead to fall. It will be heating up soon, but I'm not seeing any excessive heat for our area any time soon.

When I got to work Saturday afternoon, there were a couple of visitors here at KWCH. Turkeys! Usually I see 5 -10 of them together, but on this day, there were just two visiting the parking lot. Hopefully eating grasshoppers. What do you call a group of turkeys? Well, I had to look it up too (thanks to the Internet, it didn't take long) but a group of turkeys is called a rafter. I didn't read enough of the article to figure out why it is rafter, but maybe someone out there knows.

At any rate, I hope your summer was a good one. We are quickly headed into fall sports and so I'm pretty excited for college football to get started. High school sports start this week too for many schools. The summers seem to buzz by so quickly and I'm already being asked "What is your prediction for winter?" I honestly don't know. I'll keep looking and analyzing, but I won't have a good idea until about November or so. Let's not rush it. Fall is a good time of the year.


Mike B. said...

That's neat about the turkeys, you know they'll be in season before long. BUT, did you know they have the brain size of a walnut?

I'm not sure that I'm ready for football yet, but I'm tired of baseball, and I'm ready for fall weather...oh wait, we already have the weather part!

Anonymous said...

This weather has me itching for football to start! Is it Labor Day weekend yet? Rock chalk!

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