Sunday, December 20, 2009

Phone Bank and More

Just a reminder about the travel phone bank we have coming up Monday. You call us and tell us where you are going, and we'll tell you if the Christmas storm will be affecting your travel plans. It is free, unless it is a long distance phone call for you. The number is 316-436-5627. In most years, we get about 250 calls, but I would expect this year to be double that with the storm coming in for Wednesday and Thursday.

Speaking of the storm, it looks like the worst of the weather will be here Wednesday night and early Thursday. Blowing snow will be a big problem because of the north winds. I'm still trying to figure out how much we'll get, but it looks like the heavy snow bands will be over eastern KS with lighter amounts in the west. Either way, accumulations looks likely for our area by Thursday evening and the roads could be slick for Christmas Eve night. I'll try to update the blog again on Tuesday as the storm finally closes in on our area. It might be a good idea to finish your shopping Monday or Tuesday, just in case this storm turns out to be a monster. Have a great week.


Mellissa said...

I'm going to be driving out to Wallce, KS (Western Kansas) tonight around 7pm. Will I run into any bad weather? Also, I'll be leaving there Christmas Morning and be close to Salina Midmorning/Afternoonish. I know I'll run into some kind of bad weather but I don't know what? Also, if it will be bad enough for me to drive.

Ross Janssen said...

The best time to avoid travel will be Wednesday night and Thursday. The snow will stop early Christmas morning with improving visibility expected through the afternoon. The roads will be snowpacked, but the blizzard conditions will be over by mid morning.

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