Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Medicine Lodge Visit

Millie and I were invited to Medicine Lodge for a weather presentation at the grade school on Tuesday. Not only did we talk weather, but I had a chance to eat a school lunch with the kids and Millie walked around and picked up the kids' crumbs. We really had a great time. I'm posting some of the pictures from Tuesday. The kids were just great and one of the students had a birthday, so we made sure he received his Channel 12 hot chocolate mug too.

I'm a country music fan, so I was fascinated to drive through Martina McBride's hometown of Sharon. Like so many other small towns in Kansas, if you blink on your way through, you'll miss it. The small convenience store in Sharon had a small list with the days birthdays posted in the front window. It's sad the small towns are having a hard time surviving in this economy, because each one has so much character and personality.

The next winter storm is on the way to Kansas and the heavier snow is going to fall south of Hwy 54/400 through Friday morning. This will be a case of 4-6 for Wichita, with maybe an inch around Newton, Hutch, St. John, etc. So the northern cutoff on snowfall will be very sharp. It makes forecasting these types of storms very difficult, but exciting.


Brandee Randels said...

It was wonderful having you at MLGS yesterday. Everyone enjoyed your presentation and Millie too! Thanks for mentioning ML on the 6:00 news last night.


Anonymous said...

Ross I love your dog. How on earth did you train her to be so calm and present such a nice temperment and to look like she is smiling. Also enjoy your weather presentation. Look forward to it and Millie.
Do you have a girlfriend, Denise looks good for you and has a beautiful smile. She is good on air too. Think about it!!!!

Kelsey said...
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Kelsey said...
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