Friday, April 16, 2010

Where is Severe Weather Season?

We are now over half way through the month of April and severe weather season is no where to be found. So far in April, just 15 tornadoes have been reported across the United States and there's no indication we'll be adding to that in the next few days. Last year, there were 226 tornadoes in April across the US. But each year is a little different, and we hope Mother Nature doesn't even things out all at once in May. No one knows for sure, but there's still a chance that when the season does get going, it may be hard to slow it down until we get into the summer months.

The weather pattern looks rather benign through the next several days, so we shouldn't expect any strong thunderstorms until the end of the next week. Temperatures should begin to warm up next week too.

Did you see in the news about the big "fireball" that flew through the upper Midwest Wednesday night? It was a meteorite, as most would guess, and there are actually pieces of it that have been found in Wisconsin by a farmer who lives west of Madison. So the scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are doing some in depth research on the composition of the rock. I'm pretty sure if I was out star gazing and I saw something that bright flying through the sky, I'd be headed back in the house, afraid the aliens were coming.

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barnard.t said...

Good call on the weather man, Watching thst dtorm all the from California on wxmap! Crazy call dude! right on.

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