Friday, September 10, 2010

State Fair 2010

We've had a number of phone calls and emails, and yes, Millie will be at the fair this year on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This will be her 4th year attending the fair, and I'm not sure how to read her this year. She'll probably be excited when we get there, but the attention she gets is overwhelming to her and by the end of our 2nd day there, I'm sure she'll be feeling like this:

I spent part of my day on Thursday helping my dad get ready to plant next year's wheat crop. It goes in early in an effort to allow cattle to graze it going into the winter months, and once it's in, they'll need some rain in central Kansas. The pattern may turn more active next week with chances for storms beginning in the west on Monday, and continuing area wide Tuesday and Wednesday. Still not sure how widespread it will be, but at least there is some hope for moisture. The computer models suggest it will be mild through the rest of the fair, but if for any reason we miss the rain next week, it's possible it will stay warmer than normal (highs near 90).

I'm still waiting to see when our first big cool spell will be (one that lasts more than just 2 days), but so far, we cool down for a day, and warm right back up the next. That will be the story this weekend.

Hope to see you at the fair this year.


cristal said...

yes i am waiting for the first cool spell as well. (even though i have an allergy to the cold lol) it has been a very hot summer

Anonymous said...

that can be work than trying to predict our weather. hope he has a good crop this year.

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