Monday, June 13, 2011

Helping a small town

Some of you may know I'm from the Geneseo area and it's a town of about 250-300 on the Rice/Ellsworth county line. The community is working to make some improvements on the buildings that line Main street. Several buildings are in need of repair, including one building called the 55+ Club, which needs a new roof. When I was growing up in Geneseo, the building was used for senior citizen meals and receptions.

In an effort to raise some money to get a new roof, Home Communications Inc. is having a BBQ this Friday and asking for donations to help offset the cost of the roof repair. I'm attaching the flier in case anyone reading this in central Kansas is interested in going. These small Kansas towns have seen a decrease in population over the last several years, so keeping them going requires a little more effort, even from those who don't live there anymore, but still call it home (like me)

Harvest is going to be in full swing for the next few weeks, so hopefully I'll get a chance to head home and help for a day or two.
Have a great week.

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MB said...

Ah yes, I know all about the disappearing act of small town, KS - didn't Main Street seem much more bustling and thriving when we were young??? Back in the days before internet and cell phones when kids would get their chores done early just for the chance to go hang out at the burger joint or gas station on Main Street! Good luck on the fundraising!

And here's to a fruitful harvest, too! Hope things are going well.

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