Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snow returns to Colorado

A sign that times are changing across the United States as snow is now covering the mountains over Telluride in Colorado. It's estimated that the snow is anywhere from 5-8 inches deep in most areas toward the top of the mountains, and although they may not get much snow in the next 4-7 days, a pattern change is about to take place. The strong winds in the upper atmosphere will be diving south again toward the end of the first week of October, so colder air will be coming back south at that time too. One of our computer models shows the return of colder air by Thursday/Friday October 4/5. The timing could change over the next seveal days, but things will start getting interesting by the first weekend in October.

Much of Kansas is still dealing with drought, and if this pattern change holds up, we should have a decent chance to get more moisture in the central US. Stay tuned for sure.

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Minnie92 said...

Beautiful scenery of the mountains. Thanks for the updates on the changing weather patterns.

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