Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Severe storms in the Midwest - changes coming to Kansas weather

courtesy Brandon Sullivan
courtesy Johnny Kelly - from Michigan
A wide swath of damage was reported last night across the upper Midwest from severe storms and some tornadoes. Strong winds flattened some of the corn in Iowa and into Illinois. Tornadoes in Michigan caused damage in Kalamazoo county. Summertime severe weather shifts to the north, and covers the Dakotas and areas up around the Great Lakes. The upper level winds begin to weaken across Kansas, so our severe threat does diminish some heading into July and August. It doesn't eliminate the severe chance, but it's not as likely as it is during the spring months. 

The weather pattern will change toward the end of the week. High pressure will setup once again west of the Rockies and the storm track will be coming down right over Kansas. This is going to allow some cooler air from the north to spread back across the Plains for Friday and the weekend. We may get a little bit of rain Thursday night or early Friday, but at least for Kansas, it's not that likely for widespread rainfall. 

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