Wednesday, November 28, 2007

School Talk & More

I apologize but I fell behind in my blogging this week. The winner to our snowfall contest finally came forward. Congratulations to Mack Hibbard from Harper for winning. He is getting a weather umbrella, a KWCH hat, t-shirt, and a few other items. I'll see about another contest in the spring months. Maybe I'll have you guess the first day that Kansas doesn't see a wind gust over 15 mph (I'm just kidding on that one).

I visited Eisenhower Elementary School Wednesday afternoon in McPherson. As always, we had a great time and the kids were very intelligent. I have a picture of blowing dust from NW Kansas taken a few years ago, and most of the time, the kids can't figure out what it is. Today, within about 10 seconds, someone guessed it correctly, so way to go guys. We covered weather balloons, cold and warm fronts, and of course, the cloud-in-a bottle trick. The students were very well behaved.
A weekend storm is still in the works for our area.
The computer models are beginning to agree that we will get some precipitation this weekend, but we are not 100% sure what type of precipitation it will turn out to be. It looks way to warm for snow, but rain, freezing rain, and sleet all look possible at some point. I'll be in this weekend to watch the storm and hopefully it won't be a major event. Ice is never a good thing!


Anonymous said...

Don't care for ice either. I still remember the bad ice storm of '05. Hope we don't have anything like that for the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming to visit us. We enjoyed seeing the cloud in the bottle trick. Can you make us a snow machine?

Mr. Purcell's 4th grade class
Eisenhower Elementary School
McPherson, KS

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