Saturday, November 3, 2007

Time for a Change in Weather

Like many of you, it will take a week or two to fully adjust to the time change. If they did away with the time change, would you be upset? Have you ever forgotten about the time change and been early/late Sunday morning?

I'm really hoping the weather pattern will change soon. We haven't had any moisture now in over two weeks, and the chance for measurable rainfall this week looks minimal. Without going into great detail, the jet stream is coming straight out of the northwest, which is preventing any Gulf of Mexico moisture from getting this far north. It essentially means we will be dry for at least another 7-8 days, then maybe we will see a change. The temperature ups and downs will definitely continue. In fact, Tuesday should end up being some of the coolest air that we've had so far this fall. We have definitely had a great stretch of fall weather. What will the winter be like? I'll shed some light on this in another blog entry. Thanks again for checking out the blog section of!


shelly said...

I can remember a few times in my life when we did have a "warm" fall. Wonder what was the highest temp ever recorded for November?? Don't mind it warm, but prefer a cool crisp fall air. And some rain!!
Thanks Ross.

Donald I. said...

Hi Ross,

Nice to get up with the Sun again, but my stomach is grumbling about the time change.

I usually expect pretty mild Nov and Dec, cold nights but not too bad in the day if that wind isn't blowing, at least that’s in my memory. Jan & Feb, different story.

Btw, noticed the weather check list at the beginning of the news tonight, nice and concise summary.

Best wishes, Don

Anonymous said...

I do wish they would not have day light savings time, I know "they" say it saves energy but I really don't see how. How could it make that much of a difference with daylight at the beginning or end of the day? The days get longer in the summer and shorter in the winter one hour just can't make that much differece to anyone. My vote in leave it alone.

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