Sunday, October 19, 2008

High Definition Growing Pains

The level of stress at KWCH has been rather high the last few weeks as we get ready to make the move to HD. So many things have changed behind the scenes for us in order to make it happen. Anyone with an HD set, we hope you enjoy what you see and we would of course like to hear your feedback. Millie in HD is a little scary; you can count her hairs.

This is going to be another active week in the weather department. Millie is already starting to forecast the change and she decided to go for her last swim on Saturday. And, she is once again molting, trying to get ready for the colder weather that awaits later in the week. A HUGE upper low is going to setup over the central US and for the first time this fall, we may actually get some wet snowflakes in the state. The posted model data is for 7 p.m. Wednesday evening. Right now, it would be in extreme northern Kansas Wednesday night into Thursday morning and there wouldn't be any accumulation, but it will certainly catch some by surprise. Meanwhile, a cold rain is expected for the rest of the area Wednesday into Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the moving to HD. I am sure it is quit a change. From the other blogs I have read on the website, it has been a lot of work for everyone involved.

I am not ready for snow yet, just getting use to the cooler weather.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Anonymous said...

Tell Millie to keep the snow. We want to enjoy FALL for a few weeks before winter kicks in.

Anonymous said...

We don't need a wet snow yet. To many of us still have fall crops to get in.
If we have a HDTV will we need the converter box? The reason I ask is because one of our TV's is HDTV and Channel 2 has switched over but we can't get anything on it.

Anonymous said...

Most HDTVs already have the digital converters in them already.

There several factors as to why you can't get channel 2 where you live Anon 10:47. You might be out of range or can't get a strong enough reception. has good information to help diagnose why you can't get HDTV where you live.

I am sure you could email the station if that does not help you any.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love seeing pictures of Millie! She's adorable! Isn't KWCH one of the first, if not THE first, to make the transition to HD around this area? The weather this week has been wet and kind of cold. I don't mind the cold but I just do not want any snow yet! It always seems like our Falls are so short. I read in the Farmer's Almanac that we should be seeing some above average snowfall this year, what's your take on that?? Take it easy and have a good week!


Anonymous said...

With regard to HD newscasts the promo still says "Coming in October". Someone may need to check the calendar. As an unabashed HD techno-nerd, I've gone to the 6 & 10 news many, many times this month expecting to see the new sharp clear pictures only to be disappointed by the same fuzzy NTSC image. If you are trying to get people to stay tuned in by not announcing the date, I'd have to say I'm starting to lose interest.

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