Monday, December 15, 2008


Someone asked me on Sunday, how does the temperature go from 60 one day to 12 the next. Well, my first response was, "It's Kansas", but that wasn't enough of an explanation for this individual. It is incredible to say the least. One side of the storm system is warm, and once it passes on by, you get the other side which is usually the bitter cold, which is what we happen to be seeing right now. Of course, everyone has their own descriptor of this cold weather. Most of them probably aren't suited for the blog. =)

The weather pattern will be very active through Christmas, so yes, the chances of getting a snowy Christmas are higher than in most years. The computer models continue to show the possibility of another system coming out of the southwest sometime early next week, so we'll be waiting and watching. Sometimes, the computers are off just a bit (which is why the weatherman is sometimes off just a bit).
How is your holiday shopping going? I've started, but I'm still scratching my head on what to get Millie. I received some pictures of the recent snowfall in Lawrence. Grant Smith has been to KWCH to visit a few times and is working on a meteorology degree at KU. He was nice enough to send the pictures of the snowy scene on campus.

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