Friday, February 6, 2009

School Visit

This was a very busy week for me and as we get closer to spring, we know it will only get busier. I had a chance to visit Gammon Elementary School on Wednesday and the 1st graders made the day very exciting. The cloud-in-a bottle experiment is nothing new, but I show it in almost every school talk that I do because several kids have not seen it. The funny part is that when I strike the matches and put them in the bottle, the kids panic and are afraid that I'm going to burn the school down. And then there is the smell of smoke in the classroom that they get a kick out of too. At any rate, we looked at a weather balloon and I had the kids look at a radiosonde, which is the instrument that the weather balloon carries with it.

I'll be away from the weather office this weekend, but being the weather geek that I am, I'll still be watching the radar from home. We really need the moisture, so it will be exciting to see the rain Sunday night and Monday. Next week looks very active. There are three storm systems lined up and with each passing storm, our chances of getting measurable snow get better and better. The first storm will come through on Sunday, the 2nd will arrive on Wednesday, and there is a 3rd storm coming next Friday. Rest assured, we will be busy! Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Since the website has been re-done, I haven't been able to find a direct link to your blog. The only way I've found it so far is to go to "About KWCH", "meet the team", click on your page and then click on the associated link of Ross' Blog. Is there an easier way or is this what I'm going to have to keep doing? It's not as convinent.

Anonymous said...

Just go down to web extras and click on the web

Anonymous said...

yes I finally found it too.... why are they hiding it?

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