Monday, February 16, 2009

Staying Busy

Well, so a little more time has past than I was hoping for me to get the blog updated. So much is going on in the weather department, and we haven't even reached severe weather season yet. Maybe you've heard me say it before, but our weather staff and the National Weather Service start preparing for severe weather season months before it even arrives. The storm outbreak in Oklahoma last week sure did catch our attention and definitely serves as a reminder that storm season is not far off.

We are planning another weather special for this year. Storm Team 12 is already working on stories that relate to how we cover weather day to day and there is a new radar that is being used by some meteorologists called a Dual-Polarization Radar and Mark Larson is going to tell you about the significance behind it.

I visited another elementary school last week out in Goddard. It was Explorer Elementary and I visited with the 3rd grade kids in Mallorie Ballard's class. Pictures should be coming soon and when I get them, I'll post them. It's very exciting for me to see how many kids are still interested in math and science. Almost all of the kids in the classroom raised their hand when I asked how many wanted to be a meteorologist someday.

Our weather will see several ups and downs this week with the temperatures. I'd definitely still call our weather active, although this part of the active pattern does not look like it's going to produce much in the way of much needed moisture.

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Kim said...

I was wondering if you had an email address? I can't seem to find one on the web page. I loved the profile about Millie and how you volunteer at your church.

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