Wednesday, May 13, 2009

VORTEX 2 Follow Up

I had a great trip to Norman, OK last Friday to check out the VORTEX 2 equipment that is out in the field searching for tornadoes to study. A well known weather researcher told me that it will cost up to 15 or 20 million dollars by the time all of the data is collected and the scientists get a chance to do the research. There are so many questions about tornadoes that we still want to try and answer, so hopefully this research will give us more answers, but I'm sure more questions will come about too. By the way, I'm doing a live, interactive blog this Sunday night. You will be able to log on to and talk to me about what kinds of things are going on with VORTEX 2. Should be fun.

We still have good chances for rain and severe storms into the weekend. Be sure to stay tuned.

Our weather special is going to air next Thursday night, May 21st. It will be on at 6:30 in the evening so set your DVR or VCR (if you are old school like me)

I'll be back on the air this weekend.


jennifer said...

I almost hate to say that Id like to see one in El Dorado...but I would. I wish I could have a tour of one. I regret not making weather a career choice. The program sounds very exciting. I cant wait to here more about it.

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