Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We are about to enter a very exciting time for meteorologists and scientists that are involved with weather research. Perhaps you've already read something about the big research project that is going to get underway on May 10th here in the central Plains, but I'm actually going to be a part of it for one day. Friday, May 8, is Media Day at the National Weather Center in Norman, OK where several media outlets will be conducting interviews and getting a first hand look at the tools that will be used in the VORTEX2 study. This project is a continuation of the first VORTEX program that was conducted in 1994 and 1995. The purpose of this research is to try and learn as much as possible about tornadoes. It is also important to study the atmosphere in which they are developing. The more we know about tornadoes the better we can be when it comes to predicting them. There is going to be a fleet of 40 different vehicles used in the study, including 10 mobile radars to create a network in and around thunderstorms. Here is an example of one of the mobile radars that will be used in the program. I'll be taking pictures and gathering as much information as I can about the project and I'll have all of the great information next week.


Jonathan said...

Have fun. Sounds like a good time.

Susan said...

Sounds very interesting. It's amazing how technology advances.

Ty said...

This concept is very interesting. Reminds me so much of the movie Twister, just not as dangerous as getting directly in the path of the tornado to have little microchips sail through the churning beast! :-) Definately post and keep us updated with this new technology and what you find out.

Have a great week! Keep up with GREAT WORK! I'm definately lovin' the HD weather graphics!

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