Saturday, June 27, 2009

Harvest Help

I had a chance to help my parents harvest wheat this week and the crop was very good. There was some worry that the wheat would be damaged with the late freeze, but it didn't affect central Kansas as much as the southern part of the state and especially those in Oklahoma. The yields were good and so was the quality. Millie and I lucked out on Thursday when a storm developed in Rice county. On the way to the elevator, we saw the heavy rain and wind, which actually looks like blowing dirt from the dust bowl days in this picture. The rain cooled the air and temperatures fell back into the 70s and 80s for the rest of the evening. It felt really good.

Friday was hot with highs in the 90s and the humidity has just been unbearable. We should have a nice break from the excessive heat for at least a little while, but headed into July we know it will soon be back.

What are your plans for the 4th of July? It won't seem like much of a holiday this year since it falls on a Saturday.


Jon said...

No big plans here for the Fourth, other than the general family time and watching a fireworks show.

It feels just like the other day we had Memorial Day! Where does time go?

Debbie said...

Hello Ross

I have been enjoying your dog when I watch the news. He/she is very well mannered and looks really sweet. Have you ever thought of making him/her the KWCH mascot?


Mike B. said...

No big plans for the 4th, just hanging out with family and trying to keep the bambinos away from the firecrackers. Glad to see you're still in touch with your roots on the farm, hope you wore your Carhartt gear! Keep in touch old man!


Anonymous said...

Ross - I figure you probably do read your blog comments, so I wanted to tell you: I now watch KWCH just because of Millie. You're good, too, of course, but I'm absolutely hooked on Millie. (I used to be a KSN-watcher, but no more!) Same goes for my mom.
Love the dog, now I love the weather!
Sincerely, Anita

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