Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nighttime Surprise

I received a call at 6:15 Wednesday morning from Dan Dillon at KFDI to join him on the radio with the storm warnings off to the east/northeast of Wichita. It was a little surprising to see this activity, but it often happens in the summertime. The main area for severe weather shifts into the northern Plains and with the right conditions, the storms move right down into Kansas. In this case, the storms just popped up over central Kansas just after 5 a.m. The interesting thing to me is that when I went to bed, the sky was absolutely clear, but with the right wind speed and direction and a little moisture, you can get storms to pop up even in the overnight hours.

We are about to see our 2nd heat wave here in Kansas. I heard someone reference the "death dome" the other day and they are referring to the huge dome of high pressure that is going to set up for the rest of the week and into next week. When we see this on the weather maps, the better chances for storms usually occur on the outside edges of the high pressure. We sometimes refer to this as the "ring of fire" because storms fire on the outside edges of the high pressure system.

I'm not counting the days, but fall is just about 2 months away. I like warm weather, but when it gets above 100, it is too hot for me.


Anonymous said...

In reference to the pop up storm you mentioned, ol' weatherman Ed Bowman used to say those were the storms that would "flop down in the weeds during the day and get up and travel at night"
Susan Wedel

Jon said...

100 degree days get old fast. That is why I am glad we live in Kansas, we get to experience it all!

Ty said...

Hope all had a good weekend! 100 degree days are pushing it! I definately feel MORE productive when the temps are in the 80's! It's so hard to do much yardwork right now...I feel for all those construction workers around town...I couldn't do that everyday! I look forward to the cooler temps, the Fall conversion, Football games, and the State Fair! Speaking of State Fair, planning to attend again this year Ross?

Ty said...

Should we expect more nighttime surprises TONIGHT? Hope all is well!

Mike B. said...

100 does get old, days like that I'm glad to be stuck at a desk all day! Fall means KU football and tailgating! Have you heard the new U2 song?? Bono and The Edge sure do rock out!

Anonymous said...


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