Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Fair Ends Just in Time!!!

If you stopped by the KWCH booth during the fair to see Millie, I wanted to say thanks. We discovered during the fair that she is a big hit with many of you and I'm glad you enjoy seeing her on the air. We have fun with it and hope you'll continue to tune in, even if it is just to see the dog. Some of you took pictures of us at the fair and I'd like to see them if you have time to email them. My email is

The weather during the fair was about as good as it gets. Other than a little rain on the first Saturday, it was mainly dry and mild. But, just as the fair ends, rain is coming back to Kansas it it will get VERY cool next week. Highs will be stuck in the 60s for most of us. Bad timing for farmers trying to plant wheat, but for any wheat that is already in the ground, this rain will help it sprout right away. And, this cool, wet pattern will be around for 5-7 days. Check out the forecast models. The upper low moves very little from Tuesday morning through Saturday morning. Forecasting in these types of situations are very tough, but it looks like a rainy and cool pattern coming up. Looking ahead, October may be off to a stormy start too. The atmosphere is definitely in a seasonal transition. Have a great week.

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Your mom is HOT!

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