Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Atlanta Flooding

If you've been following the news lately, the flooding in Atlanta has been quite amazing. Some areas have received as much as 17-20 inches of rain and the flood waters have invaded Six Flags in Atlanta. Here is a picture of the Great American Scream Machine that has been turned into a water ride (if people were actually on it)

What is amazing is that this kind of flooding is not tied to any tropical storm or hurricane, which would be common this time of the year. And, even more interesting is that just a few months ago, this area was in extreme drought. Proof that one extreme follows another and Mother Nature really has a way of leveling things out.

On a different note, this summer was a cool one for many states. The National Climatic Data Center has discovered that it was the 34th coolest on record for the entire country. This map shows how many states recorded cooler than average temperatures for June, July, and August. An upper level storm system just parked itself right over the Hudson Bay and Great Lakes area and continued to draw in cool, Canadian air. When the excessive heat ended in early July, we spent the second half of the month and almost all of August in this cool weather pattern.

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Mike B. said...

So much for that whole global warming conspiracy, eh? That is amazing about the cool weather. I guess it really doesn't matter anyways since based on the Mayan calendar the world will end in December 2012 anyways! Might as well get outsise and enjoy the weather while you can! Go KU!

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