Sunday, May 30, 2010

Heading Into Summer

So with temperatures pushing 90 recently, it was time for Millie to get her summer haircut. Despite her funny look, I think she really appreciates the short hairstyle for the summer. You just can't believe how thick the undercoat really is, and it takes almost an hour to complete the haircut. And when she is swimming this summer, she'll dry off faster... and there is less hair to clean up around the house.

Hope you are having a great holiday weekend. The weather pattern is about to change and look like summer for the next several days. Western Kansas could be flirting with upper 90s and 100 later in the week. It's too early to get that hot, but it is definitely possible looking at the long range forecast. We'll hope it doesn't get too dry too fast, or else we'll be hurting as we head into the long summer months.


Vicki said...

Looking good Millie. Your new do makes you look so slim and young. Has your dad tried the furminator? I heard it's good on those undercoats.

Still waiting for your facebook page. You would be surprised at the amount of fans you have out there.

Ty said...

I'm a fan of Millie!

It was a great holiday weekend....we shall see what the weather has in store for us!!

Granny T said...

Oh great - I was hoping Millie would model her new do online. What a precious friend and so refreshing to see a lighter side of the news/weather/sports cast.

distimpson said...

great do Millie, makes are a faster bath too!

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