Saturday, May 8, 2010

Millie Out Fishing... and Vortex 2

While visiting my family on Friday, we decided to try our luck at fishing our cattle ponds close by. There must be some validity in the fact fish bite better when a storm is approaching because Friday, we didn't have a storm coming in and the fish bites were few and far between. My sister did manage to reel in a few small ones, and it had me thinking, it was the first time Millie and I had been fishing together. I don't think she was that amused by it, but I never heard her complain. =) (That's the shadow of my head in the foreground, in case you were wondering)

VORTEX 2 is out and about seeking tornadoes again this year. Remember last year, I had talked about it some on this blog, and had a chance to visit the University of Oklahoma for VORTEX 2 media day. I learned so much about this aggressive research team that will be studying tornadoes up close and personal through June 15th. Last year they intercepted just one tornado in Wyoming, but hopefully this year, they'll get their fill and find a few good twisters. I'm sure on Monday, they'll be camped out in our area somewhere, just waiting and hoping for something to blow up. It still looks favorable for severe weather early next week, so be tracking the weather with us as we head into Monday.


Anonymous said...

I heard vortex 2 caught a tornado last night in Oklahoma.

deedee417 said...
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deedee417 said...

I think Millie is a sweetheart! I believe you would never know if she didn't like fishing or not. I have my very own weather dog. I adopted her from the Humane Society in 2004. Her name is Dezzi and she was an abandoned pet from the Conway Spring's tornado. Dezzi knows when it's going to storm...and believe me she lets me know. Maybe Millie and Dezzi should meet...
I'm not sure if Dezzi likes to fish but I do.

May 28, 2010 2:59 PM

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