Friday, June 11, 2010

Thinking Arbys (seriously)

I had a chance to watch the Wichita Wingnuts play Thursday evening down at Lawrence Dumont and although they didn't win, the weather was about as good as it could be for baseball. I was a little surprised when one of the employees of the Wingnuts stopped by to invite me to participate in the Arby's Wingnut shuffle. Basically, Spinner (the mascot) hides behind 3 roast beef sandwiches, and then they mix them all up and I had to guess which one he was behind. With the help of Denise Hnytka and some others close by, I was able to guess correctly and everyone in that section was given a coupon to Arby's. The craziest part was the hat, or Arby's crown they made me wear during the contest. Denise is responsible for the picture.

Jeff posted a question on the last blog entry asking if the oil will move around to the east coast and cause any kind of change in the weather patterns. There is some concern the oil will get caught in the Gulf Stream and works it's way around to the Florida Keys, and then up the east coast, but that is probably weeks, or maybe even months away. It's very unlikely that the oil will influence the overall weather pattern, but stranger things have happened. Weather patterns are influenced by temperatures in ocean, but the oil would have to be in the eastern Pacific to have much of a chance of influencing things around here, or the western half of the United States. I just hope they get it under control before a hurricane threatens that area. Time is ticking for sure.

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distimpson said...

that hat is you Ross. don't forget to pass Millie a bit of beef!

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