Sunday, July 21, 2013

Active week coming up

Just over a month into the summer season and we are still getting rains and just when it looks like we are heading into a lengthy hot stretch of weather, changes take place in the storm track. We will see that happen again this week as the huge high pressure dome continues it's grip on the southwest US. Kansas will be on the northeast edge of the heat dome, and this should keep us in an active weather pattern with chances for rain through the week.
Week of July 22

This type of weather pattern is a challenging one for meteorologists to try and pin down when the rain will move in and when it will end. Northwest flow is how we reference it, because the winds are coming from the northwest and down off the Rockies. Storms that develop off the higher elevations of Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming will have a tendency to roll southeast, but it's difficult figuring out how far southeast the storms will go. But to say the least, we should have at least 3 decent rounds of storms this week. The first could be Monday evening/night, then another Tuesday night/early Wednesday, and more possible Thursday/Friday.

And... it looks like we should see another cool down by mid to late week. Sure is nice keeping the temperatures under 100.

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