Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer 2013

We've been getting tons of questions wondering what this summer would be like compared to the last two. It's been difficult to say with any high level of certainty, but if the start of July is any indication, we might be okay. The recent pattern has favored the record heat in the western 1/2 of the country, with milder readings central and east. There is a low pressure system stretched across the central US, and that is largely responsible for dragging in the cooler temperatures. (click on any image to see it larger)
Pattern through Friday, July 5

Next week the pattern will change again, but as it looks now, we will not be seeing the center of the high right over Kansas. Therefore, it is a safe bet that our temperatures will be in check (mostly 80s and 90s) and not so many 100 degree days.
The weather pattern for July 11 showing the excessive heat in the southwest and milder temperatures across the central and northern US. Mild for July would be 80s and low 90s. As the jet stream bends down toward Kansas, there should be some chance for rain.

I know we still need rain, but our chances will be few and far between until the week of July 8.

For the Millie fans, here is another picture of her from the harvest field this year. She's such a trooper. I was in Nashville attending the American Meteorological Society Broadcast conference. I'll be the chairman for 2014 when the meeting goes to Tahoe. It will keep me busy, but I'm pretty excited about serving.


flo said...

i enjoy millie soo much,lost my little dog 2 years ago i love her eyes so true!!!

Rick said...

I still don't want this August a wet one with off-and-on rain or storms, and, I'm determined to leave this area if it rains or storms off-and-on in August.

Margie said...

Just had to check out Millie's picture. I enjoy seeing her. Oh! enjoy you also.. good or bad weather.

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