Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why so much rain?

From one extreme to another, Kansas has definitely experienced a wild ride from drought to flooding in just a matter of two weeks. We've had a bunch of calls and emails wanting to know why so much rain and then when does the heaviest finally end?

The pattern isn't necessarily all that unusual for this time of the year. It is definitely different than the last two summers, but some would say it's about time. There is a large high to our south in Texas and around the high, the wind blows clockwise. So all of the monsoon moisture is carried through Arizona, New Mexico, and right up across the Rockies. If the high pressure was stronger like the last few summers have been, this moisture plume would be shoved farther north and we wouldn't be getting any rain at all. Several areas in Texas have been experiencing highs above 100 and very little rainfall (sounds familiar)

But too much rain can be just as devastating as no rain at all. So we will need this rain to shut off pretty soon. Western Kansas still needs the moisture, but central and southern Kansas has snapped the drought and needs a few weeks to dry out. Finding an end in this wet pattern will be tough though. With more moisture available and a series of systems coming in early next week, rain chances will continue through the first half of the week.


Kent Daniels said...

Never thought we'd have to worry about "monsoon season" in Kansas. Also never thought I might have to consider purchasing a rescue boat.

nancy said...

I live by a creek and keep looking for Noah's Ark to float by!

rob said...

Cant wait to meet Millie & Ross in person at the state fair

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