Thursday, January 30, 2014

Active weather returns

After a relatively quiet 3 weeks across much of Kansas, are you ready for more snow? I've taken some phone calls recently and had comments on social media suggesting people are done with winter and ready for spring. The good news is that January comes to a close and February is a short month, so springtime isn't that far off. I'm not sure if we will have an early spring or not, but if the pattern keeps repeating, we may get lucky and have some nice weather heading into March. We are currently at the start of another active cycle of the weather pattern, and that means several storm systems will be coming through over the next several weeks. Most of the system that will pass through our area should be snow makers. I know that isn't the favorite precipitation type for many, but at least it's moisture. We are still very dry.

We have had so many radical changes in temperatures during the month of January. I count at least 4 different cases of the high temperature changing by at least 25 degrees over a 24 hour period. Those huge temperature swings may come back in March. Could those be our first severe weather events of the year? Time will tell.


nila burch said...

So glade for moisture not cold

Anonymous said...

Come on Spring!

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