Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Snow to kick off 2014

Is snow on the first day of the year an omen? I really don't think so and there's no way to know, but we are at the start of what will likely be some more active weather over the next few weeks across the central US. I'm most amazed at how much cold air is set to move south at the start of our first full week of January. Temperatures may not get above zero in the upper midwest (places that have already had some cold stretches) Kansas will likely have at least one day (probably Monday) where the highs will only be in the teens. I expect the wind to be gusting from the north, so wind chills could reach extreme levels (down around -20) You know it's unusual when temperatures in the northern US are about as cold as those up around the Arctic Circle.

Here are some snowfall reports from New Years day. Nothing like a few weeks ago, but still enough to cover the ground in some spots.

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