Sunday, July 29, 2007

County/4-H Fair Week

Growing up as a kid in Ellsworth county, I always knew that summer was almost over when the 4-H Fair week finally arrived. That happens to be this week for the kids in Ellsworth county, but there are others going on this week too. Alright, so if you don't know what 4-H is, the Hs stand for "head, heart, hands, and health". It is a great program to teach young kids leadership, responsibility, community involvement, and there are so many different projects to get involved in that you are almost gauranteed to find something that will spark some interest.

It is a busy week for the kids and adults alike. Kids are excited show off their projects that they've been working on for 10 or 11 months and the parents are busy making sure their kids are getting things done on time. I was involved in the beef program, showed pigs for a few years, and even tried my hand at gardening for several years. My cucumbers, tomatoes, and potatoes were never eye catching, but it was fun to compete against other kids from across the area. I tried showing horses for a few years, but when my horse tried to buck me off in the show arena, I decided my horse riding skills were for the pasture and not for competition.

I miss those days and I have to admit, there are times when it would be fun to go back. I'll post a few pictures from my 4-H days and if you get some time to post a story about your 4-H experience, I'm sure they would be fun to read. Good luck 4-H kids!


Kim said...

Aww.. I miss the county fair too! Out of curiousity does Ellsworth County Fair come with someone ending up in the water tank at the end also? Thanks for sharing your fair with us!

Anonymous said...

Fair this week was a little "damp". If I remember correctly your birthday always fell during the fair. Happy Birthday Ross from the Kratzer's

Ross Janssen said...

I heard the fair was interesting with all of the rain that fell. Thanks for birthday greeting (feeling a little older, that's for sure).

Imabelle7 said...

The county fair was always what my family considered family vacation, though it never felt relaxing. I still keep involved in the fair, even though I am out of 4-H, by going back and volunteering.

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