Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summer Vacations

I heard someone say the other day "I can't believe summer is almost over". Well, it depends on how you define summer. According to the calendar, we have about 2 months of summer left. However, if you are referring to summer as the time that kids are away from school, well then yes, summer is on the wane.

How are you spending your summer? Although I haven't been out of school for that long, these warm days and warm nights remind me of summer trips that I participated in during my college days. One of the most memorable trips I had was one that led us to Lebanon, Missouri to float down the Niangua River. We rented canoes and spent almost two full days floating down the river. It was very relaxing and one of the best parts was using gigantic water guns to soak others in their canoes. We spent two nights camping and surprisingly fixed some great meals over an open fire (yes, camping is a favorite of mine, as long as the bugs don't get out of control) Those days have passed but the great memories live on forever. In an effort to keep my job, I'll avoid writing about the REALLY good stories from that trip.

The weather is slowing down this week, which is good news for those that have been trying to dry out and get caught up on their outdoor work. I hope you'll take time to share a story or two on how you are spending your summer. Have a great week.


Lee Hehnke said...

Well Ross, long time admirer here, have seen you out in person a couple of times as well. Always great to see a friendly smile in person. You brought back some of my summer memories as a kid growing up with your blog. This summer for the first time since living in KS and now being single, I am hoping to make memories of my own here. This summer I am hoping to get out and hopefully find some friends to go camping and just sit back and let loose with. Work has slowed for a change and time is free for some getaways. Any suggestions on great spots to check out? Would love to hear back from you. Thanks Lee (

Anonymous said...

Wow the summer has gone by so fast. I am a teacher, so this time of year tends to fly by way to quickly. As I have been relaxing in Wichita this summer I haven't been out of the state until this upcoming week. I am heading to Vegas for a friends wedding, then I am off to St. Louis for some shopping and to check out the Rams training camp. I have to get all of my fun adventures and road trips out of the way before school starts again. I hope that you will find some time to get away this summer.
Sincerely- Single teacher :)jk

Ross Janssen said...

Thanks for the nice compliment and of course, for watching. I hope you have a great summer and get a chance to go camping. As you may have already read, I did go last Friday and it was very relaxing and let me suggest El Dorado Lake to you. Nice campgrounds and the people are great. I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding people that want to go with you. Just tell them you are good at cooking over a campfire.

Munden said...

Hey Ross,
Just getting aquainted with the KWCH blog's. Fun to read your memories about summer. I agree I don't think summer is gone. For me, the end of July and August are my fav's. I love hot weather!!!
We are going hiking in Estes Park, CO for our vacation in a couple of weeks. 4 yrs. ago, my husband and bro-in-law/wife and I got lost in the mountains for about 6 we'll be smarter this time. Can't ever get enough of Rocky Mountain National Park.
Keep up the good work and refreshing look in the KWCH weather dept!

Lee said...

Thanks for the suggestion, I took your advice and headed to Eldorado for a weekend and it was amazing. There were great people out there and I enjoyed myself very much. Just myself and my little pooch went and took some self relfection time. I am sure if I were a bit more sociable I might have met more people, tried the cooking over a camp fire and didn't do so well, probably scared most people off. Lots of friendly nice people out there. Thanks again and hope your summer ended on a spectacular note as well!

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