Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hot Spots!!

It's been interesting this week watching a weird weather pattern set up across the nation. Why is it weird, you ask? Well, take a look at this map (click on it to see a larger version). There has been a strong low pressure system hanging around the Ohio area this past week and it's actually been moving to the north and slightly northwest. It's helping to keep the northern states under a strong area of high pressure, which is where we've been seeing the scorching heat lately. Places like Minot, North Dakota and Rapid City, South Dakota have been seeing air temperatures (not heat index values) in the low to mid 100s. Typically, you would find low to mid 80s across these areas and to make it even worse, it's also been rather humid.
The hottest temperature for Wichita this summer has been 93 degrees, which is also very unusual for us. Normally by this point in the summer, we've had at least one 100 degree day, but keep in mind, there have been summers where the mercury has not made it above 100. Will that happen this year? Let me get my crystal ball (just kidding)
It's too early to speculate on how hot August might be, but we still have several weeks of hot weather ahead. It looks like the 90 degree weather will continue into the first part of August with no major heat waves expected soon. Even 100 degree heat is not expected anytime soon across Kansas. Our weather pattern should bring some rain to Kansas in the next 8-10 days, which is great news for some areas that missed the heavy rain earlier in the month. Even southcentral Kansas could use a shower. (I didn't think I would say that for a long time)


friends u student said...

Why do you think this weather is happening? Do you believe this has to do with global warming, El Nino, or are just normal weather patterns the cause for this? Personally, I'm loving the cooler temps, they make outdoor activities more enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

I'm also enjoying the cooler weather. Unfortunately, I fear it will reach that 100 degree mark just when school starts back up. The buildings may now have air conditioning, but that doesn't help in the scorching temps.

Anonymous said...

This weather is fantastic so far. You would never guess what is in store for Kansas weather in August, though. I will look forward to watching the Storm Team cover August's crazy weather.

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