Saturday, August 4, 2007

Summer in High Gear!

It's been a busy week as we settle into a new month and it's only going to get busier as kids go back to school, sports practice begins, etc. I had a great time this week helping my sister move back to K-State and prepare for another semester of college. There are days when I miss that college atmosphere, but I don't miss the college calculus and physics that still haunts me today.

Wichita has not had 100 yet this summer, but we will make a strong run at it the next several days. We should prepare for a long, hot, dry spell that will continue through at least the next 7-10 days. Remember, the wind flows clockwise around high pressure, so the storms will track around Kansas through the next several days. Underneath of the high is where you find the excessive heat and we may see that next week in some parts of Kansas. I'm attaching another map from our computer models that shows the high pressure system directly over our state.

If you wondering about watering your lawn, well don't wait for Mother Nature. Rain and storms will be few and far between through next week so if you haven't had moisture already, you most likely won't get it until later in the month. Remember the heavy rainfall from earlier in the summer? It's amazing how fast 90 degree heat can dry things out, but we know it could be much worse. Stay cool and enjoy what is left of the weekend (and summer for those kids getting ready for school)


Jon said...

You are right, we have been very lucky to go the whole month of July not to have triple digits. I am one of those lucky ones that is facing the end of my summer break before hitting the books at WSU.

Stac said...

Sorry no one wished you a Happy Birthday! Hope it was great and very memorable.

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