Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Search of Warmer Weather

This weekend was a chance for me to explore a warmer climate. A place where there is an abundance of green at this time of the year and they grow oranges. The state has the nickname "The Sunshine State". Yes, Florida was home for a few days as I had a chance to see Disney World, tour Kennedy Space Center, and even had one day to visit the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. It was the first time I had ever been to Florida and what better time to go. It was very easy to forget that it's January when you're in such a sunny and warm place. The local meteorologists were calling for a HUGE drop in temperatures, which means going from 78 to 60 in the course of two days. Most Kansans would scoff at that, and if you are like me, you're thinking, I'd take 60 in the middle of January any time.
At any rate, the trip to Kennedy Space Center was my favorite. Even if you are not much of a space buff, there is so much history to take in with so little time. From the Challenger and Columbia disasters to the success of the International Space Station, it is so phenomenal to see what advances have been made in space exploration. On the journey, we were able to see a 750 lb bald eagle's nest and several different alligators. The space center sits on a wildlife refuge which is also home to many different bird species.

Our weather is changing fast and furious. Bitter cold will be around Wednesday and Thursday. Look for a significant warm up by the end of the week and this weekend, 50s and 60s should return to the area. We still expect a stormier pattern to evolve by the end of the month with systems approaching from the southwest. So far, January has been a very dry month, but I have a feeling we'll see that change too by the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

The space center is great. I could spend a week looking around at all there is to see. Did Millie go with you?

Anonymous said...

Nice way to rub in the trip. Hope you had fun.

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