Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So another year is just getting started. Do you ever sit back and wonder what will happen in your life this year? How about around the world and what big things will we talk about at the end of the year. So much can happen in one calendar year and it will be interesting to see what happens and changes for us this year.

2008 was historic for rainfall in Wichita. Of course by now, you already knew it was the wettest year ever for us here in the Air Capital, but did you know in 2008 we had the wettest May ever with 13.14 inches. September was the wettest ever with 12.96" and our spring season was the 2nd wettest on record with just over 18 inches of rain. We consider the spring months to be March, April, and May. Autumn in Wichita also made it into the record books with 18.36 inches of rain, making it the 2nd wettest ever for the city.

I'm lucky to get the next 10 days of weather figured out, so I can't speculate on what will happen with our weather in the year ahead, but I can tell you it will be just as exciting as in years past. And I'm excited to have the chance to be on the air talking about it each and every night. Welcome to 2009!


Ty said...

Happy New Year to you Ross & other Bloggers. I am lookin' forward to a great 2009. Always interesting to see what things lie ahead for us in the coming year. I know I'll have plenty to keep me busy this year, Caden continues to grow. How is Wade, did he have a nice Christmas as well?

Sorry I haven't blogged lately. Holidays are busy for all! I hope the stomach flu hasn't made its way to has been making its rounds elsewhere and I know a lot of people that have been sick with it, including myself & family. Thank god it is over with now, but it was a crummy way to bring in the new year!

Wishing YOU, B.V., Millie, fellow bloggers & ALL your loved ones a Happy & Healthy 2009. Take care and keep in touch!

tarot readers said...

happy NEW year!!

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