Saturday, November 28, 2009

Coasting into December

I lost track of time last week with Thanksgiving. Everyone is so busy traveling and with the nice weather we've had, most of us have elected to spend more time outside. I know I've been working in the garage a ton lately, thinking spring is just around the corner. My grass is still greener than ever, and we were to have another week of warm weather, I'd probably have to mow it.

Cold weather is coming. Millie is not shedding as much anymore; indicating that it is about to get really cold and she'll need the extra hair. That's her way of predicting weather. I do think the weather is about to get stormy and much colder. I spent almost 45 minutes today just looking at the long range charts to see if I could find any similar ideas on what the pattern will be doing in the coming weeks. Although forecasting snow/rain this far in advance is very difficult, all of the models indicate that it is going to get cold very soon. Our first full week of December could be a very cold week and there is a chance we'll see snow too.

How was your Thanksgiving? I know I had more than my fair share, but I just love turkey and all the extras. Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Stepped out side to see a large ring around the moon. Tried to get a photo but the ring was too big to fit into the picture. What causes the ring?

Viewer, Assaria KS

Anonymous said...

Ice crystals, cool!

Anonymous said...

I am ready to see a big winter storm!!! bring on the snow...maybe a white christmas...will be crossing my fingers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog about long range weather. I think it's interesting to hear your reasons for what's ahead. Had a great Thanksgiving. All kids home for the first time in ages!
Susan, Leoti, KS

Anonymous said...

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