Monday, November 9, 2009

Love the Corgis

Last week I ventured back to my old high school and middle school to talk with the kids about opportunity and setting goals. In my mind, I knew it would be a challenge keeping their attention, so I showed some storm pictures and pretended we had an opportunity to go storm chase and what kinds of things we would see. The kids did really well and in our afternoon breakout sessions, I had a chance to visit one on one with kids that had some interest in meteorology. The walls of my high school look so much smaller when I go back to visit. So many memories come rushing back when you travel back to your ol' stomping grounds.

One of the teachers at the high school shared a picture with me. It is a bunch of Corgi puppies lined up on the clothes line. She has them all named too. From the left to the right, they are Felicia Rolfe, Kim Setty, Merril Teller, Brian Heap, me, and then Millie. I wanted to share it with you because they look just like Millie when she was 6 weeks old. You can see why it is easy to get attached to an animal when they have those darn puppy eyes. Anyway, have a great week. Changes are coming in our weather and the more dramatic ones will start to take place next week. Stay tuned.

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great post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

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