Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another cold blast coming

Here we are at the start of a new month, new week, and coming off of a long holiday weekend when the weather was about as nice as you can expect for December. The cold weather doesn't bother me too much, and I enjoy a good snow event, but when the temperatures climb into the 60s and the winds are light, life is pretty good.
We are waiting on another big blast of cold air and it's going to be around for quite a few days. The difficult task this week is figuring out exactly when the front arrives, but for most of us, we probably won't notice the drastic change until Wednesday. You can see on the map all of the cold air plunging south through the western US. It will be some of the coldest air yet this season. It will be cold enough for snow, but we are not forecasting any ice or big snow accumulations yet. We will have to watch the following week to see if something can develop out of this active pattern.

Millie and I visited Heartspring Saturday night. They have their "Lights on the Lake" going on right now and it was spectacular to drive through and see all of the decorations. Santa was there visiting with the kids, and of course, they had refreshments. So where does Millie like to hang out? Yep, right below the Christmas cookie table, just magically hoping for an accidental drop. Her face and those ears are hard to resist, but if I gave in every time Millie wanted a snack, she would be in a world of hurt. The nice weather has allowed us to spend more time hiking around and burning off the extra holiday calories. Have a great week.

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