Sunday, December 22, 2013

First big winter storm

What a weekend! I posted a blog entry on Friday discussing the challenges that come with forecasting snow accumulation. This storm definitely tested our patience, just waiting around for the ice to turn to snow. I don't think any of the meteorologists involved in the forecasting process thought we would see 12 inch amounts, but all it takes is one heavy band to setup over an area for a few hours and you get some amazing amounts. So now that we know how everything ended up, take a look at how the computer models performed. One computer model had the right idea, while another was off completely. Our initial forecast was very good with the right idea of the heavier snow being in central Kansas, but we didn't think there would be over 12 inches of snow. Crazy.

The satellite picture from outer space Sunday afternoon clearly defines the "snow vs. no snow" line. Isn't it amazing. Sometimes 10-15 miles makes all the difference from snow to no snow. I love the winter forecasting challenge. It can be quite frustrating, but honestly, if I were to leave Kansas for a warmer climate, I would miss these fascinating winter storms.

While our chances of having a white Christmas may only be 10-20% in any given year, this year... some finally get their wish. Have a Merry Christmas.


nila burch said...

Thanks for all you do love Millie you guys have a Merry Christmas

Mulvane, Mn 58 said...

We are from Minnesota and love to see the snow at Christmas time. Merry Christmas from all 7 of us Minnesota transplants

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