Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday travel weather

Huge snowfall amounts from southwest Oklahoma over the weekend. Some areas picked up more snow in one weekend than they typically get all season long. Incredible. This is a big travel week as we prepare for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Are you traveling somewhere and if so, will you hit bad weather? It's a week where we get plenty of phone calls, emails, Facebook and Twitter messages, all questioning the weather. The storm system that delivered big snows to Texas and southwest Oklahoma over the weekend is moving east and will likely slow things down in major airport hubs. So if you plan to head that way, be sure to check the conditions.

The weather pattern will calm down for several days in the central US. That doesn't necessarily mean a warmup is coming soon. We will have to wait until late week when we finally turn the corner and head back for the 50s. Do you like cold weather? I find mixed opinions about it on social media, but I suppose majority would prefer warmer temperatures. Happy Thanksgiving. Millie and I will be on the air that evening, so if you get bored (or need a break from family), hope you'll tune in. Stay warm!

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nila burch said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and Millie

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