Monday, March 23, 2015

Storm chances are back

Spring is finally here and we are coming off of a pretty nice weekend for most of the state. We are seeing a return of severe drought now to southwest Kansas. The rainfall last week won't be enough to keep the drought from expanding. As we've said before, it will take a steady diet of rainfall to get things to improve.

We do have a chance to see some of our first thunderstorms in Kansas coming up Monday night. It doesn't appear that severe weather will be a big concern, but given the setup, some hail will be possible with stronger storms that do develop.
Areas to the east of the warm front have the best chance for storms Monday night

Tuesday will bring a much better chance for severe storms to Missouri, eastern Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Hail and wind will once again be the primary threats. Some of the same areas will be in the focus for storms again Wednesday.

Something to watch at the end of the week will be some colder air sliding south across the central and northern Plains. Gardeners beware, temperatures will likely fall below freezing for Friday and Saturday morning. There is a chance for some light snow in western Kansas.

Plenty to keep an eye on this week for sure.

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